The Kids-Our central focus

All our Children are special with different backgrounds and special needs. Some are total Orphans with neither Father nor Mother, some have special chronic illnesses that led their families to abandon them, and others are children from the most vulnerable families. Each of these children need special attention to their special needs; however, as much as we may never be able to meet every child’s special need, we focus on the basic general needs where every child can have an opportunity to a Family-like environment, be nurtured in a loving way and treated as a child. We always look for opportunities that can open a door to a better life for them; where every child can go to school, have a daily meal and a healthier life.

Our focus is to break the chain of vulnerability, reaching and rescuing one child at a time; we believe that children under our care can take on the love we give to them on their children when they grow up. In doing so, we are trying to change the future of an African Child tomorrow, NOW.