You may have been looking for an opportunity to get involved on a ‘hands on’ basis. It’s a very rewarding experience to be working as a part of a very small team where you can see every bit of difference you make. The smiles on the children’s faces make it all worthwhile. We welcome you; come give up some of your time to go out to Uganda and volunteer at the Children’s Home. Whether be it for a week, a month or several months. As much as you’ll be impacting the lives of these little children in a great way, you’ll discover that visiting Uganda will impact your life forever! This could be on many levels, Administration, teaching, nursing, Craft work, Music Dance and Drama, the list is endless… Various accommodations are available, depending on the level of comfort required.

Your role at LLIAM will be what you make of it but there are 4 important aspects of your role as a volunteer:

Overall well-being of the children

  • Handing out vitamins
  • Checking health of the children
  • Making sure the facilities / clothing is at an acceptable standard
  • Playing with the children!


  • Primary school – English, math, religion (texts provided)
  • Basic life skills – (culturally sensitive) HIV education, hygiene

Organizing activities

  • Arts and crafts – using the supplies here or that you bring, and your imagination!
  • Games
  • Physical activity – sports, etc.

Overseeing important administrative aspects

  • School enrollment – ensuring payment, school supplies’ stock, etc.
  • Medical records and care – doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. making sure the HIV infected children don’t miss appointments and that the take their drugs daily and on time.

For more information, please contact at info@livinglifeinabunce.org and a volunteer manual will be provided