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You may have been looking for an opportunity to get involved on a 'hands on' volunteering.


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LLIAM provides food, scholastic materials, safe accommodation, medical care...


Following a careful assessment of needs for the increasing number of abused, orphaned and street children in our surrounding community in Uganda, it has been found necessary to establish Living Life in Abundance Ministry. Living Life in Abundance Ministry is justified on the following grounds. The Government policy encourages intervention mechanisms of voluntary organizations......


We promote and further the social, educational and economic status of people.

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Sponsor a child

The only way through which you can directly impact the life of a needy child is by giving them a chance to education. This is the most sure way.....

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Support Our Projects

We have worked to articulate core values that drive our individual and organizational posture. These five stated values serve as guides to remind us what we are about, what is important to us, and what we want to strive for in the future.........

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Community Out-reach

School enrollment-ensuring payment, school supplies' stock, etc. Care-doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. making sure the HIV infected children don't miss appointments and that the take their drugs daily and on time......

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Volunteer With Us

You may have been looking for an opportunity to get involved on a 'hands on' volunteering.Please CONTACT US and a volunteer manual will be provided.....

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Fundraise Ceremony

Become Our Ambosador. Some of you may want to get involved in fundraising as supposed to making donations....

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LLIAM Birthday Party

We would love to hear from you, whether you want to organize a fundraising lunch, concert, a sponsored run, cake sale or any other fun ideas you may have...

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Community Out-reach

Some of you may want to get involved in fundraising as supposed to making donations.....

We love to reach out to helpless children

Our passion is to see the children who God sends to us from a variety of circumstances (such as child labor, abuse, trafficking or abandonment due to poverty or chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS) be supported and nurtured as children; to get what is necessary to turn around their lives tomorrow, NOW

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Children helped

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