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Founded in 2011, LLIAM Children’s Ministry is dedicated to giving hope to the orphaned, street children, abandoned, abused, and less privileged children and their families in the poorest communities served in Uganda through education sponsorship, feeding, proper Accommodation, Health Care, and Spiritual nourishment. Our passion is to see the children who God sends to us from a variety of circumstances (such as child labor, abuse, trafficking or abandonment due to poverty or chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS) be supported and nurtured as children; to get what is necessary to turn around their lives tomorrow, NOW. We believe in the next generation and we believe in working TOGETHER for transformation of lives, restoration of relationships and changing communities with the abundant love of Jesus Christ.

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Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a Child provides access to life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and it’s one way of breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a ripple of change in the world.

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Support Our Projects

From making a lasting difference in one child’s life to uplifting a community of thousands, this is your chance to make the world a better place. Help fund one of our many projects that will transform the lives of children in poverty. Join the Team that is committed to stand until a lasting impacting is realized.

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Empower a Family

Oftentimes, parents and/or guardians are forced to give up their guardianship to orphanages simply because they’re unable to provide the most basic needs for their children: food, medical care, and education. Children who have living, healthy family members can and do become orphans overnight. You can help break this norm by empowering a family in crisis today.

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Pray With Us

We truly believe that prayer is what fuels LLIAM, and it is one way everyone can be involved in our mission. Never underestimate what your prayers can and will do! We need prayers for strength and wisdom. We need prayers for provision and protection. Pray for the little children —that they would know God’s love and experience it. Please pray for the Ugandan people — for salvation and restoration. If you have a prayer need you want to share with us, Please CONTACT US and we shall be humbled to pray ad believe God with you .....

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This Christmas, gift a Goat to a needy Child!!!

Not a Christmas dinner this year! Would you like to share your Christmas with Children in need? Give the gift that will keep giving; a gift that children will benefit from years ahead. Not just the children at the home but also those on our program from the most vulnerable households in our community. Give the gift of a goat to a needy Child for $150.00 USD or pair of goats for $250.00 USD to a needy family this Christmas. Thank you, May God bless you.