LLIAM is a ministry made up of many different people, working together for a shared purpose. We are honored to be led by the Chief Visionary who love the Lord and desire to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom, who work diligently to love the person God has placed right in front of them.

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Your donation is so important to us. LLIAM heavily depends on individual donation from friends and well-wishers to support its entire project; this is evident that there is a call for your support in various ways.The opportunity is here for you to be a change agent and impact a life of a vulnerable child in Uganda. You will realize that together we can do small things to impact others in a big way. Lives are transformed, relationships are restored, and communities are changed for the glory of God because of your generosity.



Here's your chance to give back and help others in a selfless way. Share your time, skill, knowledge and expertise while balancing work /study and family priorities. There are many reasons to embrace a volunteer opportunity at LLIAM. Not just for the good of others but you might find yourself surprised at just how much you too will get in return. You can come volunteer at the Children's Home-there's a lot to give and to receive OR you can volunteer from where you are at-we still need a lot skills and expertise in so many of core programs;


Become a LLIAM Ambassador

Passionate about LLIAM and the work that we do! Make your decision today to be a part of this great vision. From raising awareness of how we are transforming the lives of disadvantaged Children/families to organizing fundraising events and encouraging people to volunteer -you are the true agent of change and transformation that LLIAM needs to serve with.

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