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Penpal program: Write Now- a Child is waiting

Every day our Pen pal program grows to create many happy faces and smiling hearts!!! Let you or your Children have fun interacting with Children from another world different from theirs. Be assured it will be the greatest experience they can ever have. Children learn a lot and bless each other in ways you can never imagine. It helps them learn how other cultures are different from and similar to their own, it changes their perspective on the blessings in their lives. It teaches them Patience while waiting for a letter in response, for children living in the most difficult circumstances; these letters of encouragement are welcome sources of hope. On the other hand, it’s humbling and teaches them to appreciate life more and to never take anything for granted. The children are always excited and looking forward to receiving a letter/card or send one.

What else can I do as a Pen pal with LLIAM?

No Special obligations-JUST LOVE and SMILES

We hope you’ll love to Experience a whole New Culture by Learning about your Pen pal’s country and community through the exchange of letters and that you will develop a lasting relationship that benefits both of you. In case you want to go an extra mile; remember to make the needs of the Children known and how love, care and support can impact deeply and transform lives of vulnerable Children. You never know who you can inspire by sharing. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

If you are a student and have a Pen pal Club, encourage your club members to like and follow us on our social media platforms.You may also send small gifts or a care package to your Penpal especially for their special days like birthday, Christmas or as you may wish. Children always love to receive gifts.

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