fundraise for kids

Penpal program

we have a correspondence program for the Children under our care program both in the Home and in the Community. We believe this gives the Children a chance to know that someone cares and that they are special and deserve to be loved, given attention and cared for as Children. Our pen pals have no special obligation attached to this but can willingly chose to send timely gifts or donations to support their little friends in any area when they feel comfortable. To date, we can testify that this Program is creating so many smiles and turning around so many of our children lives. Give a one off donation to support our general needs at the Children’s Home. You may also choose to support the Children’s Home with a one off donation. This can go to the so many areas of need like daily feeding for the Children in the Home, medical care or child education fund for those Children who have no sponsor attached to them, or you can mail a care package to the Children, Children always love. Basic care needs.