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Our feeding needs do not stop at the Children's Home. We are serving in a community with so many social-economic challenges-starvation being the most prominent of all. Most of these families are in a desperate state of survival where children don't go to school and can hardly afford a day's meal. Supporting such families saves much on the number of Children that would otherwise be abandoned at Orphanages or left wandering on the streets for survival. We grow a variety of food crops and vegetables to supplement on our Children's diet and to save on the money that would otherwise have been spent in the market or in meeting preventable health issues like malnutrition. Every harvest season, we make it a point to preserve food for the Children and also share with a few desperate of the many needy families in the community. This validates our need of extra land for expansion

The Poultry Farming Project

The poultry farming project is to assist in the sustainability of the Children's Home. The poultry farm is for meat and egg production. This will play an important role in reducing malnutrition and also earn the home an income to meet the other needs and bills, like medical and school fees for the Children who are awaiting sponsors. In the process our Children are also learning a skill that can help them in the near future.